Labels and distros

Here is a list of labels and distros to purchase a lot of music. I’ve tested all these labels so you can buy safely. It took me years to find those labels.

The best distro overall to me is Equilibrium Music. They are Portuguese and they make the safest package I’ve ever received. They are very nice. Do not hesitate to buy from them.

This label is probably the label which caused me to get interested in international music. It’s the one that released Nest’s albums. I’m obviously talking about  Corvus Records, located in Bulgaria.

Another important label to me is a French one. The one that released the last Mariee Sioux album and who will re-release her first one. Go take a look at Almost Musique.

label where I ordered alot of albums is a German one and very famous for neofolk (Empyrium, Neun Welten, the wonderful compilation « Whom the night a nightsong sings »…). You can buy blindly from Prophecy Productions.

An austrian label with very low prices and interesting offers is Steinklang Industries. For four days of the month they have crazy sales with albums starting at 1.90€ !

I had ordered some post rock stuff in a french label based in Paris called Music Fear Satan.

A belgium label releasing some industrial, dark electro, gothic music : Alfa Matrix.

Another french label distributing some very interesting Neofolk albums at very low prices is Nuit et Brouillard.

I also ordered a lot of electro music in a french label founded by a truly nice guy. Go buy with very very low prices at Ego Twister Records.

Can I talk of music without mentionning a new label held by my Finnish friends of Syven ? Andy and Aslak (Aslak is probably one of my top idols) are waiting for you to buy their latest album at : Audiokratik.

On an Italien label, I orderd a wonderful album of Neil on Impression from their label Sons Of Vesta. The LP of this album has a beautiful cover, sadly I don’t think there are any left. Maybe they still have some CDs of this album. Take a look at their other releases anyways.

I ordered an album from Israel. They have very cool prices at The Eastern Front.

Another French label I ordered from is Cynfeirdd. They have very cool neoclassical and neofolk music with nice prices.

There are other labels and distros I didn’t order from but I’m sure they are still completely safe :

Constellation Record is probably one of the best labels in the world and the best concerning post rock music (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion…). They are canadian.

One of the biggest labels for neofolk, industrial, dark ambient… music is based in England and is called Cold Sping Records. I’m sure I’ll order one day in their shop.

I’ve never heard of before now but would like to order in :

No Idea Records does some punk and folk punk music with very attractive prices.

A german label releasing some rarities and a lot of neofolk and coe stuff is Grau.

An american label with very uncommon releases such as The Elemental Chrysalis is Glass Throat Recordings.

And of couse there’s a place where I made most of my orders before knowing all those labels and distro from all around the world which is Amazon.I got most of my albums for less than 12€ thanks to this site (shipping included) but it’s really less personal than with an independent label. So please order your albums directly to the artists or their labels. If you’ve got labels with very interesting prices in any kind of music to share, please let me know in the comments or on facebook or on twitter or on Youtube.


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